Little Dragon Show Jammies

A couple people were asking/ commenting about my Little Dragon set. Here’s a couple joints…

Bebel Gilberto – Private Eyes (1998)
* Played the acoustic version, but you get the idea.

Double – The Captain Of Her Heart (U.S. Version)

Joe Jackson – Steppin’ Out

Gwen Stefani & Andre3000 – We Got A Long Way Too Go

Martina Topley Bird – Baby Blue

RJD2 – Just When

A Fine Mist performance opened the show, and the In The Air Tonight cover that I dropped was by Kevin of Love & Electrik. Big up to all the heads who supported the show.

  1. chigg said:

    when can we expect a mixtape?

  2. Niña said:

    Thanks for the comment…
    A: In a jiffy. Subscribe on the left for updates, eh!

  3. E-Turnal said:

    Ur blog kicks, such a diverse selection of beatz… btw, any word on when dam funk is in town next…

  4. Niña said:

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for visiting. I will let you know when I know!

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