Farewell to The Sure Shot Fridays!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m sad to announce that, due to club renovations (it will turn into a one room venue as of next week), our beloved Sure Shot Fridays is on ending with Mr. Supreme this Friday night. It’s been a great 4 months or so. Thank you to all the amazing DJ’s for bringing that flavour, and everyone that came thru for the love and support – would like to see you down this week for a farewell! Please don’t hesitate to hit me for guest list… and keep an eye out for future events thru my website.

Thank you!
Bles-sed (SVS), Hubbz (Beatstreet), DJ Eleven (The Rub), Icy Ice (Beat Junkies), U-Tern (Brooklyn Radio) , DJ Static (WEFUNK) , Big Jacks (Grand Groove) , Bozack Morris (Black Rap), The Legendary Kilo-Cee (Krispy Bisket), Flipout (Contents Under Pressure, Straight Goods Radio, Those MF’s), Jay Swing (Straight Goods Radio, Those MF’s) , Rob Rizk (Contents Under Pressure, Gman & Rizk, Experience) , Hedspin (The Eh! Team) , Marvel (The Freshest), Kutcorners (1Luv, The Freshest), Seko (The Freshest) , Relly Rels (Crimes & Treasons) , Astrix (Outerbound Recordings) , Magnum 5G (BFF), Get Lewse (UHO), DJ Mio, Narai , Over the Influence + Nate, Paul, Culu, McFly, Laurent, Franz, Hustle, Rhek, Matty C, Tiffany, Lisa, Saskia, Chelsea, Jorge, Everyone that joined The Sure Shot Facebook Group, Bar Staff, Guest Services, Security, & Nigel for making me wait to get into my own gig.

Love, Niña


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