Congratulations RBMA, London 2010 Participants!

Thanks to all for submitting your applications! I’m going to dedicate this portion of the post to get to know the fellow Canadians that were selected for the London 2010 edition of the RBMA. – N

AMENTA – Toronto, Ontario

LUNICE – Montreal, Quebec

ANGO – Montreal, Quebec via Halifax, NS

GHISLAIN POIRIER – Montreal, Quebec

The next edition of the Red Bull Music Academy will touch down in one of the world’s most sprawling musical metropolises: London. From February 7 to March 12, 2010, some of the most original and creative minds in music will come together to share ideas, work on tunes, and perform in the best vibe-filled venues around town.

If you don’t get in this year, it does not mean that you’re not the kind of person we’re looking for. Often the number of potential participants far outnumbers the amount we are able to invite. You should definitely apply again: next year, you might be just the person to create the right balance in the final selection of 60 people.

Keep an eye on, as well as for the latest news as we count down to the main event. If you are interested in applying for the next edition of the Academy – hold tight for the next application phase in early 2011.

Please stay tuned for more int’l participant posts.

  1. Clement Kponu said:

    Looking forward to meeting you guys in London in february. Congrats!

  2. Niña said:

    Please stay tuned for more int’l participant posts – when I have a minute!
    – Niña

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