10/23 Mr. Supreme – Vancouver!


The Sure Shot Fridays presents

(Mr. Supreme, Rebel Base, Seattle WA)

Plus resident: Niña Mendoza http://ninamendoza.com

Main room:
Flipout & Jay Swing (Those MF’s) http://nationofmillions.ca
Kutcorners (The Freshest) http://thefreshest.ca

Join us online: http://thesureshot.ca

Mr. Supreme is music personified. It is a morning, noon, and nighttime affair for this world-class DJ, recording artist, producer, record collector, businessman, and label-owner. Coming straight out of Seattle, Preme is known around the globe. With his ear to the streets he spreads a musical message over the Internet, television, radio, and print media.

Mr. Supreme has vast knowledge of music including many different and popular genres whether its Disco, House, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk or Rock. When playing live he pulls out his arsenal spanning decades and genres, specializing in rare grooves and party classics from his vault. He holds a personal record collection of over 50,000 pieces and stays in constant demand.

World Class DJ Mr. Supreme – Baghat Vinyl http://tinyurl.com/yfkqnl6

Best Crate Diggers – Seattle Weekly http://tinyurl.com/ykvh6do

Mr Supreme “King of Clubs” Groundlift Magazine http://tinyurl.com/yjzp7cu


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