Michael Jackson “P.Y.T. (Demo) (U-Tern Edit)”

This demo version of P.Y.T. is good enough to stand up to the released version. A completely different vibe but still amazing and funky. Nothing crazy edit wise, just made an intro and extended the outro, sometimes that’s all a track needs. Enjoy!

Pretty Young Thing (Demo) (U-Tern Edit)

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A Celebration in Honor of Michael Jackson

Live Performances: Just Announced, Narai MJ Tribute
Over The Influence “MJ Thru The Years” Dance Tribute
DJ’s Flipout, Jay Swing, Marvel, Kutcorners, Relly Rels, Bles-sed & Niña Mendoza

Friday, July 3rd, 11pm-3am
Room 2, Pop Opera, Hastings & Granville
Room 1: DJ Pump & Hedspin
Event Details


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