A Brand New Friday – THE SURE SHOT: Nothing But Classic Sh*t!


Dearest friends,

Now usually don’t do this but, uh…
Bear with me, this is a one time read – I want you to catch a vibe. I was looking to create a musically sound environment for our friends to gather, shoot the sh*t, mix with other like minded/ cool peeps, have a beer or 10 and hone their macking skills on (generally) good looking people in the back (ie: intimate) room of a fancy club downtown. Stellar combo right? Wait there’s more!

*drumroll* Introducing:

Nothing But Classic Sh*t
Each and every Friday, starts this Friday, June 5th
Room 2, Pop Opera (Granville & Hastings)

Oldies but Goodies, Forgotten Gems, B-Sides, Rarities, Album Cuts, 80’s, New Wave, Soul, Funk, Break, Disco, House, Pop, Classic Rock, Sock Hop, Golden Era, G-Funk, 90’s R&B, takin’ it back, takin’ it forth, all genres, all eras, mixed in with your standard music fare – you never know what you’re gonna get because anything goes!

Now here’s a killer line-up of some of our favorite DJ/ selectors to rock that open music format. Established names you’ve heard before, and some making noise (the good kind) in the underground. On rotation here bring you funky ass sh*t like every Friday are:

Special Guest:
(The Eh! Team)

On Rotation:


(The Hastings Set)

And resident:

+ Special Guests every month!

In addition to the Sure Shot fam,

Our sassy friend, TIFFANY, hangs up the SLR for a couple hours to bless us with her presence at the bar – dishing out the happy juice and looking coy! (Her main gig: http://flickr.com/photos/tiffanymay/)

Those MF’s Jay Swing & Flipout do their no-top-40 party rock thing in the main room as if that wasn’t enough… http://nationofmillions.ca http://thosemfs.com

That said, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we’re excited to catch up with all of you familiar faces in the house each and every Friday. Nothing against ran-dumbs, but how good does it feel to have all your friends in the same room as opposed to swimming in a sea of drunken strangers, am I right?! I’m so right. – See you this Friday night. You AND your A-Game.

I would love to hear back from you and accommodate your guest list requests at nina@ninamendoza.com

– Neens

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