Just Good Friends

This is an excellent track, I would love to hear it more. Please memorize the words and sing along when I play it, thanks.

Another one of my favorites – “I Can’t Help It”. Composed by Stevie, sung by Michael, covered by Grover Washington, Jr., sampled by De La Soul, and Luckyiam.PSC in “Best I Can”. Just a small reminder that the world does rotate around the axis that is Stevie Wonder.

More on the latest sensation they call MJ – here, coupled with some additional listening material in reference to the De La track up there. I’m pretty sure I’ve cross referenced the Smokey Robinson joint before but it’s so nice I had to do it twice. The Groove Boutique remixed it for Motown’s official remix album. And shoot, every time you hear this track doesn’t it make you just wanna… yeah, me neither.

MP3 “Quiet Storm (Groove Boutique Remix)” Smokey Robinson

P.S. Please attempt to purchase music. Christmas is just about the best time to support artists by purchasing or putting their albums on your wishlists as you’re going to be purchasing and receiving gifts anyways. Pay special attention to your local independent specialty music retailers and artists. The music industry is dying and if you don’t make the right choices, it will actually be your fault for not doing your part. Yes, you!

  1. Thanks for the Xmas stocking stuffer ideas Nina. See you on Thurs @ Alife.

  2. 2 girls 1 coupe said:


  3. “i cant help it” was also sampled by Fabulous in ” baby”
    you might like it ??

  4. mensa said:

    my favorite mj flip of all time

    tangoterje to the rescue

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