Alicia Keys “Tender Love” feat. Jermaine Paul (North Sea Jazz)

I cannot believe I got to witness this. I still have to upload my footage from the Vancouver date, don’t expect any rad visuals.

Force MD’s “Tender Love”

More Alicia “Tender Love” (Stripped, Force MD’s Cover)

  1. Jenylyn said:

    I absolutely melted when i heard her play it… <3

  2. I love you Devante, I love you so very much. So much that I’ll forget about the all the red leather. Because at the end of the day, it’s all going to come off anyway.

    Trivia, did you know that Timbaland was trained under Devante’s wing as his production assistant? Also, at time of Googling, it happens to be Devante’s birthday. Happy birthday! Where are you? Come back!

  3. marjolyn said:

    i saw her perform Tender Love in Manila this past August and i thought i was gonna cream my pants. actually, i think i did.

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