Jaycee “The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol 1”

Prince! Prince! Prince!

Best name for a mix, ever.

I’m sitting at the library trying my hardest not to get up and shake my f’n ass to this sh*t. Jaycee comes with that heat over and over and over, like damn, every single one of his genre specific mixes are on point. You gotta check all the material he posts on his blog. Find the new jack; Mizell Brothers; and Young MJ mixes…

This coming from a dude who’s two hard drives got jacked not too long ago. Oh yeah, RECORDS!

Download Jaycee “The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol 1” (zShare link inside).

Background: Jaycee, an old pal of mine, met several years back on the Ludacris tour. He’s been back since then, and the last time he was in town, we rolled to Hana and Dani’s Michael Jackson Party at “The Makeout” Wednesdays at the Royal Unicorn (RIP). I jacked his Disturbing Tha Peace chain and he ended up playing a nice set for us. Imagine if he had his crates on him tho, holy sweet baby jesus! Anyway, it was a great time and so much fun to see him come from playing a sold out stadium concert to rockin’ the little old (really old) Unicorn. Enough praise, point being, the man takes me to school with every mix. Big big big ups on this one.

  1. Jaycee said:

    thanks a milli Neenz!!! holla back…

  2. jbiz said:


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