I Know Girls Don’t Usually Do This But I Was Wondering…

Main Ingredient “Let Me Prove My Love to You”

  1. Javier Boredom said:

    Nice choice Nina. That’s a great song.

  2. astrix said:

    i found that main ingredient record in seattle for 50 cents!!!!!

  3. beth said:

    dude that main ingredient served me real well this lazy sunday morning…

  4. hey nina ~ loving your blog. we’ve got similar sensibilities. thanks for linking us – much appreciated! stop by tomorrow – we’ll have a couple of new videos up. when are you down in NYC?
    spread love,
    moni & mike

  5. Tillmatic said:

    nina, was this the starwars play-along-record set that astrix did? if it is i must say that shit was tight. i remember there were a few cameras set up to document the events, but alas this was the time before cheap digicams. if there were that set would’ve been all over you tube. by rhe way mike should’ve won.

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