Respect the Architects! Contents Under Pressure Appreciation Post

“Vancouver B-Boy crew from 96 -99… Shout out to Flipout, Rizk, Dedos, Zeb, Jesar and Hesam…

Music by: Kemo, Flipout, J-Swing

Go to to download the soundtrack.”

– JoseG on the video!

I received this and will share.

“hye i just wanted to shoot you a quick thanks for letting me know about the CUP clip, they are deffanitly a part of vancouvers history that far to many ppl have no idea about. so thanks”

It’s important to let the CUP boys know if they’ve had an effect on your life as it is today. So let them know… I did!

Sothy Kong wrote
at 12:13pm on September 5th, 2008
Zeb was/is an inspiration of mine.
Neutral Good wrote
at 12:40pm on September 5th, 2008
heroes of the city. salute. thx for the share.
Miguel Eguardo wrote
at 1:22pm on September 5th, 2008
thanks for posting. good to learn some of vancouver history.
Kenny Mugisha wrote
at 2:17pm on September 5th, 2008
thank you for puttin it down! Representing vancity all day everyday
Warm Itup Chris wrote
at 2:42pm on September 5th, 2008
zeb and jesar taught me everything I know.
Rick Capistrano wrote
at 9:00pm on September 5th, 2008
Zebroc, Jesar and Hesam were the ones who taught me and introduced me to the Vancouver bboy scene.
I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met those guys.
Much love and respect.
Rick Capistrano wrote
at 9:25pm on September 5th, 2008
Holy shit!!!! I’m in the video at the very end…10:10 I walk by.HAHAHAHA!! there u go kiddies, I was practicing at roundhouse back in the day too!
Arthur Tiojanco wrote
at 8:09am yesterday
thanks for posting! much respect!
Hesam Ghaemi wrote
at 4:57pm yesterday
Thanks everyone, it really means a lot to me and the rest of the crew.


Jesar Gabino wrote
at 9:12am on September 5th, 2008
OG’s. Craze
Ranyl-Jamie wrote
at 10:43am on September 5th, 2008
Too bad there wasn’t ABDC back in the day! Then again it would be Canada’s best dance crew & that wouldn’t happen for a long time! But you guys def. set the stage for all crews! Wow you guys looked so skinny, what happened now?! J/k LOL
Niña Mendoza wrote
at 11:08am on September 5th, 2008
Oh man.

I grew up in the burbs, as a kid I would come downtown (ooh!) to those jams. You have no idea how much of an impact that and you guys had on mine let alone everyone else’s being today.

Much inspiration, set the foundation, for the next generation.

All respect due to the architects, mad props like on a movie set…

When is the reunion, boys?!

Damian Kuehn wrote
at 11:15am on September 5th, 2008
wow – thanks for posting this. brings back many memories of seeing you guys perform. i think my fave was the show you guys did at graceland the first time rahzel performed here when he was relatively unknown. i think common was there too with mr. sinista.
Bryan ‘be.’ Espiritu (Toronto, ON) wrote
at 11:19am on September 5th, 2008
Niña Mendoza wrote
at 11:30am on September 5th, 2008
Cece Penniston, he quotes.
Michael Bilinsky wrote
at 11:31am on September 5th, 2008
Hesam Ghaemi wrote
at 11:41am on September 5th, 2008
Mark Siller wrote
at 11:44am on September 5th, 2008
I appreciate what you did for our city
Jheric Hizon wrote
at 12:05pm on September 5th, 2008
absolute respects!!!!!!
Ashley Carr wrote
at 12:17pm on September 5th, 2008
MAN, all i got to say is that not to many heads know of them, and this is a blessing to just show people of hiphop’s vancity were that shit was and were it can go. To be honest, the only crew that was a all round bboy, had all elements with in the dance. And i have not scene to date there caliber. But i smell something around the corner, come on VAncity amp your shit up! peace to Contents, dudes who made it happen for me and everyone else!!!!!!!..
peace and uno from the florida state!
Victorious Won wrote
at 12:35pm on September 5th, 2008
That was the best practice spot in the city(97-01). RESPECT for passing on the knowledge.


Morgan Cox wrote
at 7:45pm on September 5th, 2008
Yo, I grew up on that isht! Thanks for the the flashback! Vancity represent!
Jose Gonzalez wrote
at 8:00pm on September 5th, 2008
Glad you all liked the footage. Brought back some great memories. Shouts out to NON crew. Good luck at BOTY!! Rep for Vancity!!l
Flip Out wrote
at 8:11am yesterday
what happened to my comment?
Jose Gonzalez wrote
at 8:15am yesterday
I had to re-upload the video b/c it was corrupted… comment again… sucka.
Hersey Dimaculangan (Toronto, ON) wrote
at 9:23am yesterday
vancity’s finest and best bboy crew.

i’m with damian, thanks for posting this. it sure did bring back alot of wicked, fun memories from back in the day.

Niña Mendoza wrote
at 3:10pm yesterday
Ian Marcel Barcia wrote
at 12:50am
respect for Contents..very inspirational..zeb and jay were always giving us tips how to improve more at roundhouse practice and hasting rec practices… all these guys made the scene
Rob Rizk wrote
at 3:43am
Wow ! A flash from the past . Thanks for posting and putting this together Jose G AKA Jomar . Kemo and Flip on the beats . B-Boy’s for life . My mind thinks it can still do some of those moves , I just don’t know what my body has to say about that . LOL ! Who want’s to practice ?
Dannie Blaker (Luxembourg) wrote
at 4:00am
Robin Campbell (Singapore Management) wrote
at 4:35am
really good to see this guys. I never had the chance to see contents so it was dope to see the footage
Lostyle Solrac (Toronto, ON) wrote
at 8:44am
Ryan L-Precise West wrote
at 8:52am
wow.. brings back the memories.. thx for posting
Myrna Zakaib-Wheeler wrote
at 12:35pm
OMG ROB!!!! I remember you and your friends coming over to our house when you where younger dancing like this in our basement. Way too funny
Crystal Marie Leech wrote
at 12:58pm
i member those days…dame i feel old…lol
cuz were movin on up,to the eastside………lol
Jose Gonzalez wrote
at 2:29pm
I had a few emails asking who were the ones dancing the routines. If you’d like to know go here

Also since a lot of old school heads have been giving me their feedback. Yo who remembers Honey Dips, Red Lounge, El Famoso, Nudda butta… Shouts out to Gman and Rizk for holding those jams. Also to Flipout, Jswing and Kemo for providing the beats.

Michael Lee (New York, NY) wrote
at 4:05pm on September 7th, 2008
This brings back a lot of memories. B-boying has been a big part of my life thanks to these guys. Everyone in Contents Under Pressure took things to another level and were ahead of their time.

One of my favorite battles was against Jesar at the Battle Royal series help upstairs at Sonar. Went to a tie breaker and I lost.


Jesar Gabino wrote
at 11:10pm yesterday
I had a sentimental moment over @ Nina’s blog…go there for the read & btw I got some more footage coming…hopefully
  1. Jesar Gabino said:

    Thnx for all the comments.Great to see all the people we met thru b-boying/b-girling chime in. Bear with me as I spew this out but I gotta get this out…In starting what we did at Roundhouse we accomplished quite a bit of history…#1) It brought together the hip hop scene that was unprecedented at the time ( at least I think so). It brought together the old heads with the new jacks. That’s how I learned to bboy and I’m glad that I could pass on our culture to the young ‘uns. I’m happy I could pay that forward and influence the “yout” in a positive way. Do the same if u get a chance #2) It forged the strength of our culture in the eyes of the “skeptics” (ie: community center workers, the community) that Hip Hop wasn’t what it was made out to be and that there is positivity amongst the “mainstream” views of what Hip Hop/Rap culture was about. I kid you not that we were met with a lot of resistance when we first started holding practices there. By the time Zeb & I left, the staff was sad to see us go and were concerned about what was going to happen with the program. The successes of Motion, the on going practices, etc really changed the staff’s views on what Hip Hop really was & that was a feat in itself!! #3) I met some pretty cool ass kids & had some pretty fun times there. I don’t think I actually have ever said this but watching the video made me realize y’all are dope!! From all the kids who used to come to Roundhouse to the people in our crew. When I first moved to Vancity I used to battle them in the clubs, see them on TV, watch them @ Soundwars, hear them on the radio & to eventually form as a crew was flat out DOPE!! It was an inspiration to me as well. So to the members of Contents Under Pressure, the Rascalz, the fam & the supporters ( y’all know who you is!!)…I thank you. I got nothin’ but love for ya! Oh & PS…if you see me in the bboy circle…STOP ASKIN’ ME TO BBOY!! I’M AN OLD ASS MAN!! hahaha!! love & respects!!

  2. hey… you’re cool. The contents post is dope.

  3. Arnel Labarda said:

    Great post Nina I speak for alot of b-boys back in the day representing Edmonton Alberta that Contents Under Pressure was a HUGE influence on us and molded us to be who we are today.

  4. Sichuan said:

    Heels yeah!! I recall Paramount..6 of clubs…the underground…soul patrol…vibe alive…honey dips…el fam… bboy summit … rsc anniversary …and on and on… CUP always representing makin tha jams sicker…!

  5. J said:


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