Mizell Goodness

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cooler… Jaycee puts together a selection of his favorite Mizell Brothers tracks into a mix for all to enjoy.

after all these years of digging pretty much everything these 2 guys have ever laid down in the studio, i finally decided to make a mix of my favorites. Apple Jac had been getting on me for years to do an all Donald Byrd joint, but the Mizell production touch wasn’t exclusive to just him so i included other artists as well.

the mix is basically 70’s funk/fusion/Sample Clearance/Jaycee, that’s the best way i can explain it and i hope you enjoy. a lotta this stuff should be very recognizable, and if not the music is so good you’ll just rock with it anyway.

there are a couple glitches in the matrix, but that kinda adds to the appeal i think. normally i’d scrap it and start from scratch but fuck it, lol…

– Jaycee


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