Not Badd Meaning Badd, But Badd Meaning Good

Andre played this joint last Friday and I freaked the funk out. Did I not freak the funk out?!

My parents took this album away from me as a kid due to the sexual nature of “I Wanna Sex You Up”. At the time I wasn’t supposed to know what it meant. If you’re reading this mom and dad, I had a vague idea of what it meant.

And as if I’m not using these videos to reference the way I’m going to dance from this point on to any and every style music. D&B especially. Double time.

And as if homeboy doesn’t look like Kenny G.

And as if I’m not typing like a ‘bopper’.

  1. chelsea j. said:

    i must admit..i have dropped that tune and ppl got up and danced. i also saw them in concert with paula abdul. and i swear the kenny g look-a-like waved at me.
    i couldn’t bare to tell my mom the name of their title track, hiding their cd under my bed so she wouldn’t find out. i lost the cd a few years back, and abruptly went out and bought a new one…so badd it’s good.

  2. J. Beso said:

    I remember hearing that sex you up song when i was in grade 1 or something and telling my mom I wanted the cd….i doubt i knew what sex was. that’s the jam

  3. This song totally reminds me of my mom. My mother loves this song! My mom bought the cd single when it came out and played this shit on REPEAT for a month! Ya, shes hum-sup. (All you chinese peeps should know what that means)

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