Girl Blue

(A Beatstreet flyer of me with a blue face was here)

Beatstreet has invited me to take over and play whatever the eff I want for 2 hours straight at their record shop on Hastings and Richards. Who’s working that day? I want to know. If Kut Keys is working I’m pretty much going to be haggled all day about how I’m the ‘evolution of funk and soul’ which could get distracting, because each time I see him he says it a million times.

It’s entertaining that Vaughn aka my DJ idol, has made me blue on the flyer. I actually submit a photo of me wafting the sweet scent of my own kili-kili into my nose for the flyer art, I guess they weren’t feelin’ it. Playing that ‘early’ tomorrow means I’m banned from alcohol tonight.

Is it blasphemous that I’m rocking Serato in a record shop environment, you ask (and I have asked myself)? The answer is no (so I tell myself), only because they’re also a Serato Scratch Live retailer. And a retailer of these Sennheiser headphones that I desire slash need.

  1. Neil F said:

    Play something for me!

  2. Neil, I played Moodymann for you… that might have been a lie. Wish you were in town for it.

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