The Shocker (MC)

Bringin’ it back, bringin’ it back! Respect the architect and repeat after me…

Peace, love, hip hop unity, and God bless ya, G!

Visit the Maximus Clean Homepage
(really, that’s the only way to describe it. Homepage… with mad GIF’s yo!)

  1. Chadio said:

    hilarious – used to call in and freestyle all the time on the morning drive-by :)

    hes in cali now i heard?

  2. Reese's Peace said:

    This is crazy. OG 4 REAL!

  3. rising son said:

    what happened to maximus clean? i remember the day he aired the entire Blueprint album before its release on cfro.

  4. Marvel said:

    I was late to class so many times cause I wanted to hear Deight battle caspian and Miss thang!

  5. Joe said:

    Are you referring to the one also known as “Mista Phantasstik or Mista Phantizzle”…When it comes to Maximus, it’s all to the good.

  6. Nick Louie said:

    Maximus tell him I got churches chicken and cheap bottlle of wine non acoholic when is he down

  7. werd said:

    look at that hair!!!
    he shaped a city or at least helped in doing so

  8. are you swagger jacking my term ‘homepage’?

  9. It’s good to be remembered. Thanks, Vancity!

  10. Rip said:

    Maximus Clean!!

    AKA Mohammed Clean from Soulsonic Shocks!!!

    True Vancouver pioneer.. Respect.

  11. Pg Galaxy said:

    maximus was a legend and morning drive by and beats 2 tha rhyme was dope…still got some freestyles on tape lol

  12. I still got a cassette rip of beats 2 the rhyme from march ’97 when Notorious BIG was tragically murdered. I was 13yo at the time. Maximus played rare Mr. Cee freestyles, to top it off was the worldwide premiere of Life
    After Death. Holler at me if anyone wants a copy of that show:

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