James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince Share a Stage

A interesting comment from a YouTube user gianni737:

The reason Prince is being weird and Michael is so much more polished here is that it’s August/September 1983. Prince’s first big shows had only been a few years previously. He was in the middle of recording tracks for Purple Rain at the time of this concert, and shooting for the film hadn’t even begun yet, so he had not yet become a legend. Michael already had 15 years of regimented recording and performing experience behind him, so it’s natural that he knows what to do and appears so polished.

Thanks Jason, and Vic for reminding this existed.

  1. amalia said:

    nah, for me i would have to beg to differ that Prince stole the show, he is such an interesting craZy ass performer, i mean he comes to stage on the backs of santa claus, makes us all scream with his pants, and then takes a lamp post with him as he falls into the crowd. DAMN!!!! I wanna do that…sheer GENIUS! luv it.

  2. angelica said:

    werd-i’m with mali. but i’ve always been on prince’s side, except lately, when he’s been acting like michael, but they kind of switched up their roles, didn’t they. i think as a performer, prince has always been more riveting, and he’s always got one-up on MJ, as a MUSICIAN as well as a singer/dancer. bigup nina on the blog, seeing Maximus come through my FB feed was one of the highlights of my day yesterday. LOVE!

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