Man on The Moon

Blogging about one another – here’s a photo of Neil v-logging us as I photograph.

Edit: Just a little background. Many, many moons ago, I once fell in love with a boy that gave me the DJ Neil Armstrong “Bittersweet” Mixtape (preview) What really happened was, I got it twisted, clearly it was Neil’s eardrums that I was in love with, duh (jk)! This mix-tape changed my life and remains a great inspiration. Love the tracks, love the storytelling aspect, love, love, love.

It’s avail for purchase here along with many other quality mixes to change your life.

In the meantime, while we wait for the video, check out his blog documenting his life on the road supporting the Jigga man as DJ on the Jay Z World Tour and the other supplementary blog.


  1. tristen said:


  2. Last night Neil changed my life!

  3. richardfitzwellholler said:

    bittersweet and 2original should be staples in any music lover’s collection.

  4. Niña said:

    The original footage was lost on his cam :(
    But here are some on-site clips

    I look and act like a zombie (5:13) because I had only slept 2 hours and we left Vancouver at 6am!

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